Fear of Pain

Dentistry has changed quite a bit over the last few decades. If you have had a bad experience at the dentist, it may be because your dentist didn’t seem very compassionate or care that you were in pain. All you might remember were needles and blood!

You might have heard about traumatic visits to the dentist from your friends or have even begun to believe the negative stereotypes of dentists portrayed by the media.

1st In Smiles wants you to know that a dentist visit doesn’t have to equal pain! There are several ways here in our Plano, TX office that have allowed us to eliminate the pain from your procedures.

One is by taking advantage of the most up-to-date dental technology. Our digital X-rays, for example, take seconds to give you an accurate picture of your mouth – which also eliminates guesswork. Our intraoral cameras also help us see inside your mouth live and on a computer, so that we can easily identify problems and come up with the safest, least invasive procedure possible.

We also offer sedation, another area of dental technology that not all dentists can boast. Dr. Barfield has been certified in conscious sedation techniques so that you can relax before your procedure even starts – or even before you get to our office! You’ll be alert the entire time and may be able to respond to us, too, but you won’t feel or remember anything; you’ll just be comfortable laying back while we improve your smile.

You can read more about our sedation options here.

Bob Beaudine

He personally, actually sets a plan for you. He talks about your aspects, shows you your teeth, talks to you about your teeth, kind of explains the situation as you go. Brandy is always doing work to ...

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