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Teeth don’t get the respect they deserve. People are quick to visit hospital emergency rooms if they’re in severe pain, or if they have a broken bone, or if there’s the risk of losing a body part like a finger or toe. But a dental emergency is just as important as any other non-life threatening emergency, and time lost can equal teeth lost. In any dental emergency, count on 1st in Smiles in Plano, TX to relieve your pain quickly and address your dental needs. Call our office immediately at 972-905-9266 for an emergency appointment.

Types Of Dental Emergencies

Let’s start with one basic fact – it’s always better to keep your natural teeth whenever possible. Certainly there are very effective teeth replacement solutions – dental implants, and restorations such as dental bridges – but you’ll pay far more in money and time to replace a tooth than you would to keep it in the first place.

With that said, dental emergencies involve tooth loss, tooth damage, and severe dental pain. 1st in Smiles in Plano, TX has extended hours, including early morning, evening, and Saturday hours, so we can almost always address your dental emergency the same day.

Tooth Loss

Your permanent, adult teeth should stay firmly rooted for your entire life. If a tooth has come out of its socket due to impact, it may be possible to reinsert the tooth into its socket. Call our office at once; we’ll see you as quickly as possible, and we’ll give you instruction about how to care for your tooth to increase the chances that it can successfully re-root in your jaw.

Tooth Damage

Teeth can be damaged by falls, accidents, and sports injuries. You can also damage or even break a tooth by biting into or chewing something that’s too hard for your enamel. While not all enamel damage requires immediate care, it’s almost impossible for you determine that. Any break in your tooth enamel can open the tooth to dental infection. Call our office immediately if you or a family member has experienced tooth damage. Dr. Rick Barfield will perform a thorough examination and recommend the best course of action.

Dental Pain

Teeth aren’t supposed to hurt, period. The exception, of course, is when a permanent, adult tooth is erupting. That pain is usually in the gum, rather than the tooth itself.

Severe pain in one or more adult teeth almost always indicate a dental infection or abscess. The worst thing you can do is to try to tough out the pain. Dental infections hardly ever clear up on their own, and the longer it goes on the greater the chance that the tooth root and the supporting bone will be damaged. Call us immediately at 972-905-9266. We’ll see you as soon as possible and will get you out of pain quickly. Dr. Barfield will determine the cause of your pain and suggest the best treatment options.

Time Lost Can Equal Teeth Lost

Don’t take chances with your teeth. If you think you have a dental emergency, you probably do. Take action at once to minimize the chance of losing one or more teeth. Call 1st in Smiles in Plano, TX immediately at 972-905-9266 for an emergency appointment. We’ll relieve your pain fast and do everything possible to save your natural teeth.

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