Dental Emergencies

Same Day Treatment for Dental Emergencies in Plano, TX

Dr. Barfield knows that sometimes your dental pain cannot or should not wait. Holding off on an emergency can contribute to more problems that can cost you more in terms of your finances and your oral health. That’s why we are pleased to provide same-day dental emergencies in Plano, TX.

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Dental emergencies come in different forms, such as:

Toothache. If your tooth is in pain, you likely have a tooth infection or an abscess. Call us so that we can determine the source of your pain and provide the appropriate treatment for your condition, such as a root canal or tooth extraction. In the meantime, you can reduce swelling by placing a cold compress on your face over the affected area.

Gum Pain. If you have pain or swelling in your gums, you may be suffering from advanced gum disease. Contact us immediately so that we can get your gum pain under control with appropriate treatments. Do not use a painkiller on your gums or put alcohol on them because you could actually damage them.

Injury. If you’ve sustained an injury from sports, falling, or any other accident, contact us immediately, even if you’re embarrassed about the reason you’re injured. Before you arrive, gently apply a cold compress and take an over-the-counter painkiller to help reduce swelling. Do not use aspirin if you are having problems controlling the bleeding.

Broken Tooth. If you have broken your tooth, put the broken piece or pieces in a cup and bring them to us. Even if you aren’t in pain and don’t think it’s an emergency, broken teeth can fracture even more with pressure (such as eating) and possibly cost you your whole tooth in the future.

Knocked-Out Tooth. If you have knocked out your tooth, it’s important that you keep your tooth if possible because we may be able to restore it, especially if you come into our office quickly. If you’re able, keep the tooth in its socket (holding it by the crown, not the root) or place it in a cup of milk before your appointment. Don’t scrub it because you might destroy the tissue. If it’s dirty, rinse it in warm water instead.

Dental Emergencies | 1st in Smiles - Plano, TX DentistWe have special hours, including early morning, evening, and Saturday hours, to meet your dental emergency needs. See our convenient hours on our Contact Us page.

If you or your loved one is anxious about coming in for their emergency, we have several levels of sedation dentistry to ensure a comfortable, pain-free visit. There’s no need to be in more pain while we help you alleviate your dental pain!

Emergencies aren’t planned – that’s why they’re emergencies! To help you pay for your dental emergency, we offer several convenient payment options. After your treatment, stop by our front desk, where our caring staff can help you determine what your options are and which one best fits your budget.

Dr. Rick Barfield is a native of Richardson, Texas. He received his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree from the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry and has been providing trusted dental care in the Plano, TX area for more than 30 years.

No matter what form your dental pain takes, don’t delay! If you are experiencing dental emergencies, call your Plano, TX emergency dentist right away at 972-905-9266.

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When it comes to dental emergencies, Dr. Barfield's primary goal is to take care of the patients as quickly as possible whatever the problems are. To learn more about dental emergencies, and what to do during dental emergency, visit ======= Looking for a dentist in Plano, TX who can offer a wide range of dental services in a relaxing environment? Call 1st In Smiles at (972)-905-9266 for personalized dental treatments for you and your family! Visit our website for more info. FOLLOW US: Facebook: Google +: