I’m Having a Hard Time Chewing

Are you having a hard time chewing your food because of your missing teeth? Do you have to eat bland, soft foods because you don’t want to be in pain whenever you eat? Missing teeth are not only embarrassing, but they also prevent you from enjoying food and potentially missing out on the nutrition you need. Without your teeth, eating can quickly become a source of frustration and pain.

Don’t compromise your life because of gaps in your smile! Dr. Barfield and his caring staff have lasting solutions for your missing teeth with lifelike dentures and dental implants in Plano, TX.


If you’ve lost your teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay, or injury, our natural-looking dentures may be an excellent solution for you. 1st In Smiles offers several kinds of custom-made dentures depending on your budget and needs, including full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures. Our quality, well-fitting dentures can help restore your chewing ability so that you can eat with a new set of teeth.

Dental Implants

Are you looking for a long-term solution to your missing teeth? Dental implants are strong replacement for your tooth root that anchors to your bone and allows us to place a permanent tooth or set of teeth on top. Implants can restore 90 percent of your natural chewing ability and also help prevent bone loss so that your face doesn’t sag and make you age prematurely. You can once again enjoy all the foods you love, like corn on the cob, apples, or steak! And you can clean and care for your teeth like you would your natural teeth.

Dr. Rick Barfield is a native of Richardson, Texas. He received his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree from the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry and has been providing trusted dental care in the Plano, TX area for more than 30 years.

If you are having hard time chewing and want to enjoy your food, call us at 972-905-9266 or fill out our online form for a consultation. Your Plano, TX dentist would love to help you chew again!

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He personally, actually sets a plan for you. He talks about your aspects, shows you your teeth, talks to you about your teeth, kind of explains the situation as you go. Brandy is always doing work to ...

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