Tammany Stern

First of all, everyone is always very friendly. Whenever I call they are always very accommodating in trying to work with my schedule which helps me out a lot because I own my own business so time is important. I love the fact that he is open early in the morning and I can come in at 7:00 a.m. and he is open on Saturday which is even better. He is a very good dentist. We have only had a few dentists over the last 35 years and we’ve been with him the longest because he actually makes us understand when we have a problem and what our best options are for our teeth and his preventative care is wonderful. I think that’s why we don’t have a lot of emergencies in our family. Having good dental care throughout your lifetime is very important as you grow older because I think you lose a lot of calcium and your teeth are important and sometimes people get busy and they don’t take care of their teeth so we really like to have good care and he gives the best.

Bob Beaudine

He personally, actually sets a plan for you. He talks about your aspects, shows you your teeth, talks to you about your teeth, kind of explains the situation as you go. Brandy is always doing work to ...

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