Tom Ditzer

One thing I’ve noticed about going to Dr. Barfield’s office is instead of just approaching it as here’s a cleaning and go on your way, I’ve really been educated about the process and the basics about flossing and basic cleaning but also understanding how plaque build up happens, why maybe there’s more on the bottom teeth as opposed to the top teeth because that’s where gravity takes saliva so being educated allows me to do a better job in the 5 months and 29 days that I’m not in the office so that that every 6 month visit is easy and it has gotten better every time. Every time I go there it seems like they have the same friendly faces at the front desk, I get to deal with the same hygienist, Brandy, every time so consistency is great. You don’t have to re-explain anything, you don’t have to go through introductions, talk about what hurts, what doesn’t, what you like or what you don’t like. I would say overall you leave just saying “wow that was an easy, stress free experience and I have no problems coming back”. I’ve told all my friends about it and I guess as a hockey player with a lot of hockey friends, having a really good dentist is the cost of doing business.

Bob Beaudine

He personally, actually sets a plan for you. He talks about your aspects, shows you your teeth, talks to you about your teeth, kind of explains the situation as you go. Brandy is always doing work to ...

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