At 1st In Smiles, we care for you like you’re family! That’s one of the reasons so many of our patients come back to us and continue to trust us for their dental care needs, whether cosmetic, restorative, preventative, general, or family dentistry.

See for yourself in these videos below how much our patients in the Plano, TX area love the care they’ve received with us.

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Michelle Rodriguez

KSCS 1st in Smiles

KSCS 1st in Smiles Part 2

Tom Ditzer

One thing I’ve noticed about going to Dr. Barfield’s office is instead of just approaching it as here’s a cleaning and go on your way, I’ve really been educated about the process and the basics about flossing and basic cleaning but also understanding how plaque build up happens, why maybe there’s more on the bottom teeth as opposed to the top teeth because that’s where gravity takes saliva so being educated allows me to do a better job in the 5 months and 29 days ...

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Tom Buning

As a young kid growing up, I think probably around 12 or 13 years of age, I spent a lot of time at the dentist’s office taking care of cavities and so there is a certain amount of anxiety that at that time it created and it is really easy to revisit that when you get back in the same situation. I think the thing I have enjoyed the most is that there is a real sense of discovery on behalf of your caring staff of dental hygienists, assistants and Dr. Barfield to find out if ...

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Tammany Stern

First of all, everyone is always very friendly. Whenever I call they are always very accommodating in trying to work with my schedule which helps me out a lot because I own my own business so time is important. I love the fact that he is open early in the morning and I can come in at 7:00 a.m. and he is open on Saturday which is even better. He is a very good dentist. We have only had a few dentists over the last 35 years and we’ve been with him the longest because he ...

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Stephanie Delarosa

I fell on Valentine’s evening and busted my front teeth out and had no choice but to obviously to have something done and the week before I had just seen Dr. Barfield to get a consultation for my wisdom teeth and possibly Invisalign. I love their office and I was like “okay I feel good here like a traumatic experience, it’s going to end” and sure enough I busted my front teeth out. I called them and they were like “come in immediately”. They were so sweet saying ...

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