Migraine and Headache Solutions

Migraine and Headache Solution in Plano, TX

Have you been searching for the cause of your chronic migraines and headaches to no avail? About 40 percent of American adults have persistent headaches, but many have yet to find any headache solutions. You might be surprised to find out that your migraine and headache could be related to your teeth.

Many dentists treat certain causes of chronic headaches but do not have the training or expertise to provide proper diagnoses. Dr. Barfield works closely with some of the most skilled dental specialists in Plano, TX to help diagnose and treat you in the best possible way for headaches caused by your teeth.

TMJ Disorder

If you wake up in the morning with unexplainable migraine and headache, especially if they’re accompanied by jaw pain and/or fatigue, tooth sensitivity, trouble opening your mouth comfortably, jaw popping and clicking, ear aches/pain, or muscle pain in your neck, shoulders, and back, you may have TMJ disorder, or TMD. This condition occurs when your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the jaw joint that allows for movements like talking and eating, does not function properly because of a bad bite, stress that makes you clench or grind your teeth, trauma to your mouth or jaw, and other reasons.

1st In Smiles can diagnose TMD and provide treatment here in our comfortable office. Our TMJ specialist comes in and thoroughly examines you for signs of TMD, which can be hard to diagnose. It’s important to have a specialist examine you for TMD to rule out other causes for your headaches so that you can get proper care, whether here for TMJ disorder or with another physician for something else.

If he determines that you have TMJ disorder, he can move forward with a TMJ treatment that’s appropriate for you, many of which are non-invasive and very safe.


Bruxism is grinding of your teeth. It is a symptom of TMJ disorder, but it can also exist if you have a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, or psychological stress or anxiety. Bruxism puts pressure on your jaw and may contribute to your headaches. It’s important to have Dr. Barfield or a specialist in our office examine you for this, because it not only can cause headaches, but it also can fracture or crack your teeth from all the extra pressure.

Our advanced dental technology can help provide an accurate diagnosis for bruxism. Our intraoral cameras give us a close-up, real-time view of the inside of your mouth, and our panoramic digital X-rays provide extremely clear, accurate images that let us know the condition of your jaw and teeth.

Bruxism can be treated with therapy and conditioning that helps you control some of the stress causing you to grind your teeth. We may also be able to treat bruxism by fitting you with a custom mouthguard to prevent your teeth from touching and help keep your jaw relaxed.

Bad Bite (Malocclusion)

A bad bite can strain your jaw muscles because your jaws must work harder to align your teeth for swallowing, talking, and eating. This constant straining can lead to headaches and migraines.

Dr. Barfield will examine your teeth and jaw carefully to determine whether your misaligned teeth might be causing your pain. If your bad bite is to blame, he will work with you on creating an effective treatment plan that may involve procedures to correct your bite or refer you to a physical therapist or orthodontist if needed.

Dr. Rick Barfield is a native of Richardson, Texas. He received his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree from the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry and has been providing trusted dental care in the Plano, TX area for more than 30 years.

If you’re suffering from constant migraine and headache that are related to your teeth, there’s no reason to suffer anymore with headache solutions at 1st In Smiles! Set up an appointment to discuss your chronic head pain with Dr. Barfield by calling our Plano, TX office at 972-905-9266 or filling out our online appointment form.

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